Sunday, February 20, 2011

Locker Keeper Vol. 2

Surabaya Fashion Carnival present..
Locker Keeper Vol. 2

I went there yesterday :)
Too bad I didn't find the stuff that I've been craving for this past few weeks..
I only bought a geeky glasses that was sold by my friend, Elang

Well, here are some photos that I took there!

This is my friend, Raka

My biatch for life, Rima 


Friday, February 18, 2011

The Blue Danube

Would you mind liking one of my deviation?

Just simply click this link: The Blue Danube by Mademoiselledy

Then you'll find a button with a label "Add to Favourites" at the top of its page
Click it & voilà.. You're done! :)

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"I Heart You"

"I Heart You" by Funkoff

I think "I Heart You" that was played by Funkoff is way better than the SM*SH version :)
Check out the video! 

Funkoff is on Twitter!
Follow them now - @funkoffmusic
or simply click this link: Funkoff Twitter